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Table Klaus

How would you describe a table? Four legs and a table top. That's what most people think, but usually there are a lot of parts needed to build a strong and stable table. For that reason most tables have a frame structure hidden underneath the table top. Our table doesn't need any of this complicated structures. Each leg is made of a folded piece of steel. Because of the way they are folded, they stabilize the whole table. They simply slide onto the wooden table top.

Four legs and a table top. That's all it needs.



30mm thick birch plywood with american white oak veneer, also available with a solid oak edge, stainless steel powder coated in white, leather feet 


available in

L 160 cm x D 80 cm x H 77 cm      

L 200 cm x D 80 cm x H 77 cm      

L 240 cm x D 90 cm x H 77 cm      

other sizes available on request